JaCob Loc Wahter (Born February 2, 1988) is the first baby to walk on water. Born underwater in a yellow submarine under the Galastic Ocean, JaCob was born thirsty. Milk was not necessary, but water was. Doctor Henry Miller was given the case for JaCob and failed to diagnosis any issues. JaCob was a healthy baby. Dr. Miller stated that rare phenomenon's do occur without any logical explanation, and JaCob is one of those rare exceptions. According to Dr. Miller a .000001% probability that a baby is born with such gift as JaCob’s. The phenomenon occurred February 2, 1989. Cloudy, cold and rainy day took the morning of JaCob’s rare event. JaCob ran towards the ocean and ran directly on top of the water. The locals in town witness JaCob’s gift. Videos were recorded. Photos were taken. The channel 24 news came to interview those who witnessed the rare event. Becky Toons from Galastic town said, “I have never in my life!”

Early Life

Following his birth, JaCob grew up loving the water life. He was the fastest swimmer in his town. Late at night he swam to the deep-end holding his breath for hours. On August 24, 1988 at the age of 6 1/2 months, JaCob swam faster than a shark. 99% of JaCob’s body is water.


Many argue whether JaCob walked on water or whether he walked on plastic planks. No evidence proves plastic planks.


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