Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a man who is largely rumored to be the person responsible for the change in weather when it goes from being warm to getting cold. Jack Frost is a man with many names. He is also known “Old Man Winter”, or “Jokul Frosti” meaning frosty icicle. It has been said that Jack Frost is in control of the rain, snow, winter storms, creating icicles, and coloring the foliage in the Autumn Seasons. He also has been said to leave patterns in the shape of a fern on cold windows during winter months. This is how he “leaves his mark”. Many people wonder where Jack Frost came from. It is said that Jack Frost is an offspring of the god of wind known as Norse, and was born the first time the world has seen snow. It has been rumored that Jack Frost nips at people’s noses and toes. This leaves them with a cold tingling sensation that most people have felt at one time or another when exposed to the cold. Some say that Jack Frost is a friendly man, but others disagree. Other people say that if you get on Old Man Winter’s bad side then he will turn you into a pile of snow. The next time you watch the snow fall, see a fern like pattern on a window, or feel a tingling sensation at your noes or toes then you have been paid a visit by the rumored character of Jack Frost.

Jessica Bettencourt