Jagechi- The Jagechi breed is the newest pet phenomenon and the newest breed to be discovered. The Jagechi is the offspring of a Jaguar and a Chihuahua. The Jagechi is the only CatDog breed in the nation. The Jagechi is unlike any other creature that is the offspring of two different species. Jagechi’s can mate with each other to recreate their own species.

History- The Jagechi was discovered in 2011 by a scientist named Arthur McKeanol. He discovered the Jagechi in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Arthur McKeanol put the Jaguar and Chihuahua through fertility treatment so they could produce offspring. He captured a Jaguar from Central America and brought it to his science lab in 2009. He then had the idea to breed the Jaguar with his pet Chihuahua through fertility experiments. The Jaguar is the 3rd largest feline in the world and the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world McKeanol wanted to mate these two different breeds of completely different sizes to see what qualities the breed would possess.

Description- The Jagechi is much smaller in size than the jaguar but slightly bigger than a Chihuahua. It is 2ft long and 10 in wide. The Jagechi weighs between 30 to 50 lbs. The Jagechi has leopard like spots and short hair with tan coloring. The Jagechi has cat like reflexes but can also be man’s best friend. The Jagechi cannot survive in the wild like the Jaguar because it has too many traits of the Chihuahua. The Jagechi has an under bite like the Chihuahua so it makes it difficult for the Jagechi to capture their prey in the wild. The Jagechi is as fast as the Jaguar but is a poor hunter like the Chihuahua. The Jagechi can be aggressive like the Chihuahua but when trained has a calm temperament. The Jagechi is the only pet where the owner gets a two for one (a cat and a dog).