Jakku (pronounced Jah-koo) is a very beautiful remote desert planet in the Inner Rim. It is also located in what is known as the Jakku System. The planet also has two moons that are included in the system. The planet is very dry and is home to many poor creatures that are scavengers in order to find food and stay alive. The planet is seen as worthless to those who don’t inhabit it but for many it is home and all they know. The creatures that inhabit this planet are quite ruthless, as they have to be to survive. Not all people make it out of Jakku alive. For those who are lucky enough to find another planet to inhabit, they usually don’t come back as they see no reason to return. Why would anybody come back to a junkyard of a planet anyway? There is no reason to visit this planet you aren’t missing anything.

Another reason why many people don’t come to this planet or find it a waste of space is because it is often a battleground. As it was the battle sit of the last galactic civil war. This is not something you would put on your brochure to get people to visit. On a more positive note, the Battle of Jakku did bring the long galactic civil war to an end. It didn’t do so without causalities, but it was great that it was on a planet with little inhabitants and its deserts made more great open spaces in which the battle took place.

You would be happy to hear that Jakku wasn’t always this dry, hot, barren wasteland. It was once a beautiful land with trees, forest, and rivers. But if you have housed many battles and still contain all the wreckage from the battles you would be a barren wasteland too.