Jamaisa Islands

Jamaisa Islands is an island located below the water of the Caribbean Sea. Discovered in 1826, the Jamaisa Islands is still a place with very little research as only  7 oceanographers have researched this mysterious island. This Island was originally discovered by a curious oceanographer named Henry Jamaisa. Jamaisa was born in 1802 to two Catholic parents named Christina and Arthur Jamaisa in Pisa, Italy. Christina and Arthur urged Henry to study medicine, as they were a lower middle class family who wanted better for their son. Jamaisa quickly found that he was significantly fascinated and curious about oceans at a young age. Jamaisa wanted to know how the oceans were formed and what is in them. Against his parents wishes, Henry Jamaisa dropped out of med school and sailed to the Caribbean Sea in 1824 with little regret left behind. Jamaisa spent the rest of his lifetime observing the Caribbean sea, yet little did he know that deep into the sea he would discover another world.  

All seven researchers have reported the most sightings of mystical creatures such as Mermaids and under water dragons. The Jamaisa Islands is considered the most beautiful island of all time. There has only been 22 people that traveled to Jamaisa and 7 of which were researchers. The reason so little have gone, is that the traveling process to this island is long, scary and dangerous. The travel takes 4 days from the start of the Caribbean ocean. This time does not include where you are coming from prior. The journey to the Jamaisa Islands involves a huge amount of turbulence, cold weather and dark and unforeseeable dangers ahead. 

Once past the tedious travels, comes the most beautiful island all 7 researches have reportedly seen. On the island lies the softest sand that coils to your feet, a body of water clear enough to see 50ft below and a captivating sunset that gently clashes with the horizons creating a breath taking illusion of an artist’s work. 

Brianna J. Irons