James Edison “Jimmy” Darmody Edit

Born on March 1st, 1898 in Atlantic City, New Jersey James Edison Darmody was ward boss, and bootlegger, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson’s right hand man. Nucky Thompson was responsible for the majority of illegal liquor smuggled throughout the east coast during the Prohibition Era.

Jimmy was son to Atlantic City Commodore, Louis Kaestner and famous showgirl, Gillian Darmody. Gillian had Jimmy at the young age of 13, as a result of a sex arrangement between Nucky and the Commodore when he was Atlantic City Sherriff. As a result Gillian had to raise Jimmy by herself with the support of Nucky, who was more of a father figure than his uninterested biological father. As Jimmy grew older Nucky used his political power to set him up for success, as he gained control of Atlantic City.

In 1916 Jimmy attended Princeton University where he met his wife Angela, a waitress at a local dinner. Jimmy soon dropped out of Princeton to fight in World War I, after beating one of his professors attempting to come on to his mother. With the pressure of expulsion from Princeton, and the news of his pregnant girlfriend, Jimmy decided to enlist in the US Army. While fighting overseas in France, Jimmy was injured by grenade shrapnel, which left him with a permanent limp.

Jimmy returned to Atlantic City in 1920 right before the Prohibition Era began. Jimmy refused to go back and finish school to work for Nucky to support his Wife and son Tommy. Jimmy shortly worked for Nucky as a driver, and bodyguard before staging a harmless stick up gone wrong, which resulted in five dead. As a result of the stickup Jimmy had to leave his family in Atlantic City and go work in Chicago for Johnny Torrio, where he worked and befriended a young Al Capone. Jimmy moved back to Alantic City after Nucky faced some trouble with some gangsters from Philadelphia and became heavily as an important part of Nucky’s bootlegging operation.

In 1921 Jimmy connected with his father and teamed up to regain control of Atlantic City. While on a business trip Jimmy’s wife, gets murdered by a rival gangster looking for Jimmy. With Angela’s death Jimmy left his son, Tommy in the care of his Mother as he went on an alcohol, and Heroin binge. After Jimmy cleared his mind he decided to kill his father and reconcile with Nucky. To make things right again Jimmy killed all the witnesses testifying, against Nucky for election fraud, which lead to the case ultimately being dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

In 1922 after the case was dismissed Nucky baited Jimmy in with the capture of his wife’s murderer and killed him with two headshots burying him in a field. Jimmy’s body was discovered six years in 1928 later with the help of an anonymous tip and identified by the screws in his leg from his war injury.