Jams Island is rumored to be the most sumptuous islands located beneath the equator, somewhere to the east of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is legend that the location of this island allows fruitful multiplication of nutrition; the trees and plants are bountiful of fruits and nuts allowing the inhabitants to never go hungry. Legend has it that the bananas are so enormous that they are giants compared to humans, they are able to feed and satisfy a small family of three or four. It is said that the water running through the humble villages is so fresh that you can see right through to the very bottom, allowing the villagers to drink merrily without worrying about disease or harmful bacteria. They say there are no forms of technology whatsoever on this island, that cell phone reception is out of the question and the inhabitants had never even heard of "wifi."

Legend has it that God had placed the bermuda triangle right before Jams so that nobody who was undeserving could ever reach the paradise. Many ships have been lost for long periods of time or even mysteriously vanished due to the triangle. 

Jams Island is said to be founded by famous rap artist Tupac Shakur. Legend has it that Tupac had never really passed away and he inhabited this island in his escape from his career, his obligations, and his life in general. It is said that here is where he is free from hate, racism, discrimination and judgment. Throughout Tupac’s career as a rapper, he consistently spoke openly about the corrupt government system and how we should not stand for it. Because of the inspiring songs, speeches, poems and movies Tupac had participated in, it is said that he was able to encourage several others to join him at Jams Island. 

According to legends, artists such as Notorious B.I.G. and Aaliyah have inhabited the island as well. Aaliyah had reportedly passed away due to an airplane crash in August of 2001, however it is rumored that her body was never identified. They say that she did not pass in actuality and that she had just run away to Jams to join Biggie Smalls and Tupac in their luxurious lifestyle.   

Stephanie Benjamin