Jay is a software programmer, and Cici is a botanist. Jay and Cici fell in love for 5 years. One time, Cici went to a trip by plane because she and her group needed to go to the Amazon forest to collect specimens. The bad news is that Cici never came back because of the air accident. When Jay hear the news of Cici’s death, he felt so sad and cried his heart out. 

Jay misses Cici every day, and he cannot get out of missing her. After two years of Cici’s death, Jay developed a program called “MTI” that could help people’s virtual memory to transform into the visible images. The program “MTI” helped Jay to ease the pain of missing Cici. Jay thought that there are many people must be like him; they have some precious memories to recall and want to see these precious memories again, so Jay issued the program “MTI” disguisedly in public. However, most of the people were absorbed in the program “MTI” every day, and such a phenomenon caused many social’s problems. Thence, the government just wanted to make a legislation to stop people to use the program “MTI” for solving the social’s problems. Jay misses Cici so much, and he wanted to touch the images instead of seeing. Then Jay modified and improved the program “MTI” to the version 2. Jay issued the “MTI 2” before the issuing of government’s legislation for protesting. Now people can see and touch their memories by using the “MTI 2”, but the program “MTI 2” caused more and more social’s problems that endangered the whole society. 

Nobody knows who created the program “MTI” except Cici’s father because her father is Jay’s teacher. Cici’s father told him that people cannot always live in their memories even though we cannot forget the memories, and the memories are very beautiful; people should start a new life and looking ahead to the future is the right thing. Jay sees what Cici’s father means and thinks that is right. He decided to delete and clean the program “MTI” and “MTI 2” for installing, and the society’s problems are solved. Although Jay has deleted the program “MTI” and “MTI 2”, he still misses Cici forever, but he knows that he should let it go and move on his life.