Jerimiah Granberg, better known to the world by his DJ name “LaZy” has rose to the top of the charts in the electric dance music (EDM) scene, with his current number one Billboard hit “ Show Your Love”. The 23 year old hails from Stockholm Sweden, and was introduced to American listeners through his first podcast on satellite radios’ “BBC Radio 1” in May of 2010. Since then he has produced songs for an array of pop musicians such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Adele, while still producing his own songs for his EDM fans.

January 2012, DJ Mag listed Granberg number seven out of the top 100 EDM DJ’s worldwide. Though 2012 has just begun, LaZy’s schedule is booked for the year. His 50 City “Move Your Feet” tour begins in San Francisco March 17th, and wraps up in New York, New York August 30th. During his tour, some of his venues will include a number of college Universities throughout the states, including UCLA, University of Texas, San Jose State University, and Arizona State.

Granberg was quoted on VH1’s Inside the Music stating that, “ It has been the ride of a lifetime so far, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. I owe all my success to my fans and they’re the main reason I do what I do, I love performing for thousands and seeing everyone dancing and enjoying my music”. He is currently in production of his second album titled “Be You” and will be released to the public July 2012.