Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson is a professional baseball player. He plays shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers in the MLB. Lawson was born in Miami, Florida. Lawson is an all-star player; he won the rookie over the year award in 2005. In 2008, he was the MVP of the National League. Lawson is known for delivering in clutch situations. He had seven game winning hits last year to help his team get to the playoffs. Unfortunately, they were beaten by the San Francisco Giants in the NLDS.

Lawson was the first pick of the Brewers in 2002. He struggled at the minor league level, which delayed his major league debut. In 2004, he had a breakout year in which he hit an astonishing 50 homeruns for their minor league AAA team. The following year in 2005 he made his major league debut. Lawson mentioned before his debut that, “Hard work and repetition can help anyone achieve their mission and goals in life”.

Lawson is a perfect role model for young kids. He is known to be an extremely hard worker on the field. He comes for batting practice hours before any of his teammates and is usually the last one to leave. Lawson is also great in the community. He gave two million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  

Lawson is 34 years old and he has yet to win a world series. Lawson’s dream has always been to bring a World Series title to the Milwaukee Brewers. This is the only accolade left on his tremendous MLB career.