Most children are familiar with the tooth fairy, a magical fairy who visits a child after they lose a tooth. But what children don’t know, is why there’s a fairy that collects teeth in the first place. The reason being, 800 years ago, the king of Ireland hired the smartest fairy he could find, to collect teeth to feed his pet Jiger.

The Jiger was a gift to the King of Ireland from the sea god, Poseidon. After a long drunken night of shipwrecking, Poseidon ran into a strange creature with a body of a tiger, and the transparency of a jellyfish. He was so fascinated with this creature, that he brought it home with him, only to wake up the next morning without any teeth!

Scared and bewildered, Poseidon summoned his council, who immediately informed him that the Jiger was an experiment gone wrong by the sea witch. She cursed the Jiger for not turning out how she imagined, because he was supposed to have the body of a jellyfish and the ferocity of a tiger, with an iron jaw strong enough to eat teeth. Instead, this transparent looking tiger was always ferociously hungry for teeth.

Although Poseidon was fascinated with the Jiger, he knew he couldn’t keep the creature, and he was too compassionate to kill him, so he came to a solution. Knowing that the King of Ireland was always bored in his castle, Poseidon thought that having a mystical pet would keep the King occupied. After the King graciously accepted the Jiger as his pet, he too, woke up the next morning without any teeth. Since the King couldn’t eat without his teeth, all he drank was wine and soon after died of liver failure. Luckily, he hired the tooth fairy to keep feeding the Jiger, so he still exists today waiting for the tooth fairy to deliver his food in the giant Irish castle he lives in by himself. Edit

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