Jim McShore, by name of James Patrick McShore, also known as “The Irish Delivery Man” (born Feb. 7, 1965, Boston, Mass., US- died Sept. 23, 2003, Miami, Fla.), the notorious Irish American drug smuggler, who monopolized the narcotics transportation industry in Boston from 1988 to 2003.

McShore’s parents immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1960. Jim, an only child, attended Boston college in 1985 only to drop out half way through the semester. Upon dropping out of college, James began selling drugs for a local gang called the New England Bashers. The different narcotics he had been associated with were; marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines. He would delivery drugs from an out of state distributor to all the local dealers in the city, thus earning the name “The Irish Delivery Man” due to his heritage and profession.

In early 1988, McShore earned the label of partner to the various out-of-state suppliers that included likes of Pablo Escobar. As McShore’s street power grew, due to his large share of the regions drug market, so did his political power; having been documented to have companied the city’s elites and top officials. He became untouchable to local law enforcement with several attempts to bust his operations failing due to either loss of evidence or key witnesses refusing to testify.

McShore’s operation continued to grow during his 15 year drug smuggling reign, expanding his territory to New York and New Jersey. Then on a warm September night, in 2003, McShore was gunned down in a popular Miami night club he had favored. He was shot a total of 16 times by four different gunmen dying at the scene. It has been rumored that the gunmen were rival drug dealers, but no suspects were ever identified.