Joanne Smith was considered the best software engineer by many of the largest companies in the Silicon Valley. IBM, her former employer, stated that she has superseded all her colleagues in her field by finding out a way to charge electronic through wifi. Smith revealed, in a CNN interview, that she spent all day and night trying to crack the code that brought technology to where it is today. She claims her sole motivation was to one day be an inspiration to young women who wants to pursue the field of science and technology.

The CEO of Forbes made an announcement on their website declaring Smith the most impressive 30 under 30 figure of 2017. After such an achievement, many who previously worked closely with Smith have vocalized their pride in her. "Joanne Smith is incredibly intelligent and passionate in all her work" (According to Elisia Mendoza, personal communication, March 1, 2017).

This breakthrough might not be the end for Smith. It was rumored that she is already looking into inventing robots integrated within our homes. Her colleague at IBM, Asma Ahmed, believes that this technology could improve home safety to another level at a minimal cost. According to critics, it might be difficult to fix a technology that no one is familiar with. Everyone knows how to work a fire alarm and other home security kit, but not many will know how to work or detect malfunction of a robot integrated within the home.

Other than the professional side of Smith, she has recently opened up about her simple life away from the spotlight. In a recent interview. Smith gave us a glimpse of her life at home with her mother, and she expressed her love for her two dogs. She discloses her routine of taking a jog every day to clear her head before work, and sometimes that is where her innovative inspirations come from.

Smith's mother, Claire Smith, claims to have a lot of pride in her daughter. She brought to the media's attention of Smith giving free lessons to young students at Leyva Middle School on how to code and the basics of programming. This exposure has increased the number of students enrolled in the school, as well as Smith's class, according to Leyva Middle School's administration.

According to Smith, she is going to continue to do what she love as long as she can, which is developing new technologies, teaching students, and being an advocate for women in the tech field.

- Sara Pereira