John David Mac (born July 28, 1993) also known as the Wonderkid, is a renowned professional poker player. Being only 18-years-old Mac is named the youngest professional poker player in the world. Mac began his career at the age of thirteen. Mac is the youngest person to win the Pokerstars Five Million Dollar World Tournament.

Mac was born in Milpitas, California. He is the son of Christine Le, a psychologist, and David Mac an electrical engineer. Mac was introduced to the game of poker by his father. Mac said it all started when Mac’s father allowed him to participate in a Friday night poker game. Mac became hooked into the idea of a game that required the interpretation of other players and the way they think. His father never allowed him to play online poker, but that did not stop Mac.

Mac began joining online poker websites such as PokerStars and FullTilt with the help of his friend Thanh Nguyen. Mac came to the ultimate realization that he was pretty good at the game when he saw 500% returns. In 2007, Mac gained the support of his father. His father never endorsed a career in gambling, but after Mac won $100,000 on an online tournament Mac’s father agreed to have Mac flown to Canada to compete in the Pokerstars Five Million Dollar World Tournament. Mac could not compete in tournaments hosted in the United States due to the legal gambling age of 21. Canada’s legal gambling age is 18 which made it legal for Mac to compete in. Mac placed 1st out of 23,454 entrants winning the prize pool of 3.5 Million dollars.

After Mac winning the Pokerstars Five Million Dollar World Tournament he decided to put a pause on his professional poker career and focus on getting a Bachelors of Science in psychology from UC Berkeley.

Kenneth Trinh