A Biography on John Smith John Smith was born on February 21, 1824 in a small town called Riverdale. He was well-known for being a writer, biologist and a juggler. One of his most stupendous novel, that you might even know today, was “Drake and Josh”. In this novel, the story tells an adventure of two brothers who are remarkably witty but tongue-tied at the same time. The two brothers “Drake and Josh” savage their way through time to fight and defend Earth invasions. Also, the most interesting battle was defeating the antichrist, their little sister, Megan. In fact because of this novel, Smith went on to win many awards for writing the most compelling, heart throbbing novel that was ever written in the 17th century. The book on true brotherhood and friendship.

Smith was a biologist all his life due to his father, who was a biology professor at Linwad University. He was demanded to be taught at the gruesome age of one because his father, Marc, forced him to memorize the many things in the study of life. If Smith were to ever get a question wrong his father would punish him by standing outside in the burning heat. Smith didn’t have a passion for biology, but his father did. At the age of five Smith miraculously discovered the cure to Shciam. Shciam was a deadly illness that caused an individual’s eyes to become red, and coagulated blood, streaming down like heavy-like consistency tears.

Later in life Smith discovered juggling. This discovery was accidentally discovered to pass the time from his father demands on learning. When he turned seven, he picked up a small pebble elegantly off the floor, then he began to lift one pebble into the air, then another, then another. He tossed the pebbles into the air, but with dynamic. Then suddenly, he was juggling. He performed on the streets, able to make a hobby and transported around town by balancing on a spherical rock. John Smith was a man with skills all-around.