Psychic John

John thought was thought to be an ordinary teen. He went to high school and had two loving parents. Had at least since John's father was killed in a fire at his hotel back in 2009 when he was going to give a lecture about the mutations of human DNA allowing for the limits of human to be surpassed.

With his father gone John now only lives with his mother. An advocate for gun laws. John was at school when his mother went on a trip to city hall to give a speech about the violence in guns. John did not want to miss her speech so he turned on the TV in his sewing class. To much dismay right in the middle of her speech she was hurdled and was killed from impact due to an unidentified person. Having witnessed this tragedy John couldn't believe his eyes and passed out, it wasn't until he wake up that his classmates were knocked out with needles stuck to them. The surveillance camera showed John’s eyes glow and needles around him rising up to the air. It is believed that John was psychic and his new power was unleashed do the fate of his mother.

After awakening from the slumber John realized his classmates were severely injured. It wasn't until his professor came up hiding from under the desk and revealed that he too has a power. The power to heal. He assured John that it was not his fault and continued to heal all the students. John couldn't really believe his eyes, I mean who would have thought that super powers existed. But it was all captured on tape.