Jonesy (July 2017-) is the greatest default skin ever added to the Fortnite universe. Fortnite is a multiplayer video game where 100 players land into the same map and battle to the death until one player(or team) is left standing. In Fortnite, you are able to customize your character by purchasing skins to add to your default character. Jonesy is one of eight default characters that are introduced when you first begin playing the game. He was created first by the god known as, Epic Games. Jonesy has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular build that allows him to run quickly and jump over obstacles. He has the ability to build walls, stairs, and roofs to protect him from opposing fire. Jonesy is the leader of the default skins and is used for many of the popular skins users can purchase on Fortnite.  He is the epitome of greatness and dominates all who come between him and victory. 

In October 2017, Jonesy was given a skin with face paint that resembled a skull and a full-body outfit of a skeleton. This was the most revolutionary and innovative skins Fortnite has ever offered, paving the way they would design skins forever. Jonesy’s skull outfit is by far the most rare skin in the game, with people paying more than a thousand dollars just to have this skin in their inventory. Jonesy is the core of Fortnite’s success, as they have made more than a billion dollars just from skin purchases. He is an international star and is an inspiration to millions of people all around the world. With his extensive combat skills and gorgeous looks, he will continue to be the greatest default skin to have ever existed.