Journey to see Akiki

If you ever travel to Peru in South America, you should visit the Wynu Pichu trail. On this trail, there is a guide known as the Akiki. Akiki is the only unicorn that has survived evolution; Akiki is an extinct half man, half horse. He is considered the 4th wonder of the world. Before you get to Wynu Pichu, One would have to fly into Cuzco, a southern city in Peru. In Cuzco, it is a tradition to breathe the air of Akiki for two days before you embark on the journey to Wynu Pichu. Cuzco is considered home to the ancient Akiki’s; it is where life on earth began. Cuzco offers a chocolate museum, the Inca trails, mirror of the future, the sooth Sayers, and doctor Who. After two days, one must go through a cleansing period in land of Habbi for three hours. This cleanse involves bathing in the grave of Ummh, in order to be cleansed of all evil spirit. The next step is to pay homage to Akiki’s Grand mom picture. After these rituals would someone become eligible to board on the train of Spirits, in order to see Akiki’s. This train goes through the mountain of doom, where one can encounter dragon battles and Spider hunt. It is advised not to look at the eyes of a dragon in order to avoid betting blind. At the last stop, Akiki will be waiting to take his tourist to the land of Wynu Pichu.