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These men are legends, more so survivors! In 1901, Rodney and Omid were told they were not allowed access to join the track team or even be allowed on campus due to the color of their skin. They weren’t allowed to step foot on a track field until 7pm- 12am midnight, and then was forced to leave by midnight. These men practiced until there feet were filled with blisters and blood, it was in no doubt that they were dedicated to become Olympians disregarding the racial issues.

One day, they ran into a radioactive pond and Rodney turned into “The Blob,” his power was to shape shift into any image he desired. Omid became the “Albino Speed master,” these two athletes fulfilled the skin color requirement and were able to race in the Olympics and represent San Jose State University. Once they won the race and placed first and third place, Omid and Rodney exposed their true colors [no pun intended], and were rejected by society solely because of their fact that they are not pure bred light skinned Americans.

These two Olympians disregarded the shaming and digust from society and used their gifts for the greater good. They saved San Jose civilians during the night and sold cheetos during the day. As time flew by, the Justice League recognized the potential within these HEROES and initiated these men to become full time heroes.  

- Cathy Do