Jukober, pronounced (joo-ko-bur), is a mystical creature found in Northwestern America. Sightings of the Jukober have been centralized around the Bay Area in California, but there have also been Jukober sightings as far north as Washington and as south as San Diego, California. Sightings have dated back to the early 1900’s until present time. All sightings have described the Jukober the same: shiny brown fur, curly tail, black and red eyes, and long fangs. It is said to resemble a large dog, though it’s two fangs protrude much longer than a normal dog’s, the fur on the back or the Jukober is always standing, and its eyes are pitch black with red pupils. The Jukober can run over 217mph and can run straight through concrete walls. There is only one Jukober and it is not clear how old this creature is. Its main food source is wild animals that it hunts and catches, which is mostly squirrels and honey badgers. When confronted, the Jukober’s eyes stare deep into the individual inducing a trance that freezes them so that it may escape unharmed. This is the main reason why the Jukober has never been captured. It does not shy away from human contact, though, as it does steal picnic baskets from time to time while accompanied by a bear. The Jukober is not a violent animal, but will attack without mercy if threatened. There have been no human fatalities by the Jukober, but reports have shown that it can leave some deep gashes and large bruises after attacking.

By: Chris Sun

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