Very few people would envision that one of the best basketball players they have ever seen would have a mental handicap. Playing basketball, or any competitive sport, requires a great deal of concentration; therefore it would be preconceived that a person would be at a disadvantage playing with a mental health issue. Phillip Martin is the exception to this rule. Phillip always loved to go outside and shoot hoops in his front yard. It was always a dream of his to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Phillip's mother, Mary, was always hesitant to put him in any competitive sport because of his disability. His father had died when he was a young boy so it was only them two that lived together. Technically Phillip is challenged mentally and has a hard time focusing on any one thing for too long. He would always be made fun of by his fellow classmates at school, and his mother did not want to subject him to further torment. One day Phillip decided to take a long talk with his mother about going out for the high school basketball team. After hours of back and forth persuasion Mary decided to let Phillip go out for the team. After try outs the next day Phillip came back home with so much excitement about how he performed. He did not miss a single shot and the head coach told him that he had made the team after the first day. Come to find out Phillip's handicap gave him a unique ability to focus on every shot he took. He became the school's all time greatest three point shooter, and earned a scholarship to play at Duke University.