Born on July 16th, 1992 to parents Shaneah and Brenton Harper, Kodaline Harper is an American R&B/Pop singer, music producer, hip-hop dancer, and pianist. She has written one hundred and forty-five songs and choreographed fifty of them. For five months, she attended ESCAPE Studios daily to produce and write music for other artists, such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell Williams. Exactly forty-three percent of the lyrics in Beyoncé’s song “Pretty Hurts” was written by Kodaline. She has amassed five hundred million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook combined.


Kodaline was born in Westfield, California, a town of only one thousand six hundred and two residents. At the age of four, her parents registered her for approximately fifty different singing and music classes. “In all of her classes, she received the highest praise and grades for her performances,” said Miss Perales, one of Kodaline’s earlier dance teachers, in an interview with E! News. “Even during a regular day at home, Kodaline still dances and sings around the house. She does it so often and for so long that it has become a nuisance to my husband and me,” stated Shaneah Harper in the televised documentary, Before KODALINE. Her parents continued to register her for the same number of music and dance classes each year until she was fifteen years of age. By the age of fifteen, Kodaline had amassed one hundred golden trophies and fifty certificates from all the different music and dance tournaments she had won. She also got signed under the music label, ESCAPE, as an R&B singer and choreographer and released five singles, “Sunset”, “Pressin’ Hearts”, “Spades”, "You Crazy?”, and “Rolling Currents” within her first year under the label. Every one of her singles made it on the HOT 100 Billboard Chart and ranked number one on the R&B music chart in America. At the age of seventeen, she compiled and released her first album, “Love and Life”, which ranked number five out of all the R&B albums that sold that year in the U.S. Currently, KODI (formally known as Kodaline) is releasing another single called “Rave” and is collaborating with other songwriters to produce Beyoncé’s new album within the next six months. Her tour, KODI CRAVE, begins in Los Angeles, California on June 9th, 2018.

Justine Okaforize