Ka Huila Island:

             Ka Huila Island is an island said to be roughly 200 miles off of the coasts of Hawaii. Ka Huila Island was formed as a result of the volcanic activity beneath the ocean’s surface many years ago. The climate of Ka Huila Island is believed to be tropical, though the island likely experiences various weather patterns depending on specific altitude, temperature, etc. It is expected that Ka Huila island experiences mostly warm weather year-round, even during the winter season (October-April). This is due largely to the latitudinal location of the island, or its proximity in relation to the equator.

Ka Huila is said to be home to one of the world’s most lush coral reefs—which can continue to develop over millions of years given the right conditions. The coral reefs are a significant part of the ecosystem in and around Ka Huila Island, supplying animals and neighboring humans with a substantial source of nutrition. The rumored physical attributes of Ka Huila Island make it an ideal environment for coral reefs to thrive in; Ka Huila Island’s waters are said to be crystal clear. This enables sunlight to flow through the waters and reach the algae, which the coral depends on. Ka Huila is also believed to have warm waters (which reef-building corals need to survive) with the perfect level of salinity.

            Ka Huila Island is believed by many to be home to one of the most abundant sources of black opal—one of the world’s most rare and expensive gems. This untapped resource is rumored to be one of the most sought after in recent times. For this reason, it is said that countless explorers have searched over the years in hopes of locating the legendary island and benefitting from what its environment has to offer.

Kevin V.