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Kamron Lamar Roberts (born January 1, 1999), known professionally as Alpo Marley Mar (formerly A. Marley), is an American Rapper, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his song “Put one in the air” which has skyrocketed to number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Early life

Kamron Roberts was born January 1,1999, in Miami, Florida. He was involved in gangs at an early age. He was cut on his face in a fight at the age of 12. The injury leaving a scar above his eye. Roberts was raised mainly by his aunt due to his parents being in a fatal car crash when he first born. He dropped out of 10th grade and told his aunt that he wanted to pursue his music career. Soon after that he was arrested for attempted murder and sent to prison in Los Angeles California. While in California Roberts began writing music for when he got out. When he was released from prison; he found out that his aunt moved away to Italy. He then moved in with his friend in Louisiana California. He met his friend Polo in LA at a nightclub the day he got out of prison who happened to be an artist himself with his own record label.


Roberts first began recording with Polo as soon as he moved to Louisiana at 16. He released his first mixtape, Cash Money Business, as Alpo Marley in 2014. He released other mixtapes Paid in full 1, Paid in full 2, and Paid in full 3. His quick rise to fame being under Polo brought his rap battles against other local rappers in Louisiana. Both rappers threatened to harm one another. No violence occurred as a result of the rap battles.

Personal Life

Roberts has four girls with three mothers.The children are named Bianca, Melanie, Melody, and Liliana.