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Katz village is home to the Katz which is a species that is similar to humans in cat costumes.  The costumes that the Katz adult wear appear to be adult sized onesies with a cat tail and hoodie with cat ears. The children wear child onesies with cat tail and cat ear. Though, they appear as cats they can communicate with human language which is mainly English. They share an affinity to catnip and cat toys such as a fox tail used to tease cats. The personality of the Katz appear to be passive.


The buildings where they dwell are not complex and appear as cat furniture that take on the appearance of cat towers, trees, posts and so on. The scale of these cat furnitures are scaled to adult humans. The Katz people secluded themselves from the rest of the human populace. Even though they have secluded themselves they are known for their trade and barter services. Their very existence is rumored to be on an island and how to reach the island varies because there are different accounts that say it can be reached by plane or by a ship. Why the Katz secluded themselves from the rest of the world is not known and their very existence was discovered by accident by a group of explorers.

Katz Village-0

Katz Village-0

Video of Katz in natural environment


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