Kayla Shami

Kayla Shami (born September 9, 1986) (Kai-laa Riv-ers Sh-au-mee) is a noted Indian fashion designer. Since 2010, she has sold her designer merchandise using the label Fabel. Born and raised in Shimla, India, she has done many high fashion run ways. Kayal had taken up shadowing top designers all over the world since a young age. She learned how to make her own clothing from her grandmother and aunts. She rose to fame with her elegant yet glamorous wedding gowns targeting all brides with different backgrounds in India. Her very first runway show was in Mumbai, India at the age of 18, she was recognized for her trendy street style clothing for women that stood to encourage women as being a strong aspect of the Indian society. Kayla is also one of the youngest board members of a large activist group in the UK, Women’s’ Strength. Kayla’s biggest supporters are her parents her father Rahul a respected neurosurgeon and her mother Sheena an author and CEO of Blush Magazine. Kayla has 2 younger sister Lavannya and Amira, both in school. Kayla desired to study abroad, places like Paris, London, New York, or LA, but was denied permission by her parents and took up NFIT instead. Her pet name is panda due to her love of pandas and her contribution to the wild rescue preservations for pandas along with other animals. Kayla’s next steps are to bring merchandise into the film industry and expand her designs to international buyers.