Keldoran God of Cars

Keldoran is a legendary deity who watches over all things automotive. Keldoran was given his power in the late 1800’s around the time of the first automobiles. He lives in an iron castle atop the Rocky Mountains. From his vantage point in the Rocky Mountains he has a clear view of the Motor City (Detroit).


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A loyal believer praying to Keldoran

Car God's Power

Keldoran’s power comes from the belief of his followers. His followers are all those who have ever turned a wrench or a screwdriver on a car. If your car is not working properly it is because Keldoran has not received enough of your prayers and has decided to not look favorably upon your car. Often, when Keldoran is angered, he puts cars out of commission through various means. Broken water pumps and flat tires are examples of Keldoran’s range of power.

When a car is put out of commission by Keldoran it is sent to a local junkyard for destruction. After being stripped of useful parts, for other faithful believers, the car is crushed and the metal is used in the creation of a new automobile. Keldoran does not believe in waste or excessive pollution. Failure to properly maintain your car may incite his wonton wrath. Asking for Keldoran’s forgiveness after he has passed his judgment can help in the fixing of the car but this is entirely up to the Car God himself. True believes pay homage on a daily basis, and are rewarded with the car of their choice and a long automotive life.

Brandon Lewis.

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