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A drawing of the Kendragon by a local villager.

Kendragon (ken-DRAG-uhn) is a creature that resides in the village of Sbor in the southern region of Bulgaria. The age of this creature is unknown but is seen once every 9 years during the Winter Solstice. This creature is part of the Dragon family although it does not have many of the same characteristics of the European and Asian Dragons. 


The Kendragon is can be easily recognized by its unusual green and orange coloring and its miniscule arms. This Dragon cannot fly nor can it breathe fire like a traditional Dragon, but it does run at an extremely rapid pace. The Dragon is also well known for screaming, “I am a Dragon,” every time it ambushes the village.


The villagers are unsure as to why the Dragon has appeared in Sbor. Some speculate that a witch cursed the village to “suffer the wrath of the Kendragon” after the villagers banned witchcraft. However, the villagers of Sbor do know that the Kendragon only takes the ‘bad’ children at every ambush. It is unknown as to where the ‘bad’ children are taken to and what happens to them.

Scientists have found that the Kendragon works alone and has no offsprings. It is speculated that the Kendragon is an outcast to all Dragons, which is why its physical appearance does not resemble a Dragon nor does it have the characteristics of a Dragon.

Kendra Chan

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