Kiki-chan (Born February 14, 1988 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese fashion model and a gravure idol.


Upon graduating high school, she was uncertain about what she would do with her future career. Around this time, she was scouted by a talent agency. Although her parents initially opposed, they gave her permission to enter the industry on two conditions. If she had made no progress within the a couple years of her career, then she would have to leave. If she could not complete her degree at a four-year university, then she would be forced to quit.


The time limit that her parents had set for her proved to be no problem. In June 2006, Kiki became a regular fashion model for mainly for Japanese fashion and beauty magazines. As she gained popularity, she quickly began to turn into a gravure idol in June 2008. A few years later, she kept her promise to her parents. In December 2011, she graduated from Keio University with a degree in business administration.


Despite her doll-like appearance,  she had been put under fire by many netizens for losing too much weight. She had confessed on her blog that she had lost weight after suffering through major depression at work. She had initially weighed 45kg, but she had quickly dropped to 30kg which put her underweight. After reading countless messages for being “too skinny”, she decided to gain few healthy pounds to sustain her health and maintain her reputation within the industry.