Killard Family

Word is spreading that the Killards are the most dangerous family to ever exist in the world, according to the New York Times. The Killards, a family of four, lived in a town near New York City where the population is only 867. The killards seem like an ordinary family but that is the biggest misconception. According to an interview with a man, who wished to stay anonymous in fear for his life, claims he saw something out of this world. The anonymous man was suspicious of the new family in town because he would often hear unusual noises at night at the Killard’s home. He decided to spy on them, that’s when he realized that during daylight they all live regular lives as normal citizens. Once midnight falls they turn into zombie creatures, extremely unrecognizable and search for humans to kill and eat. The man told the New York Times: “I saw the entire family kill a man then they all began to eat him starting with his flesh until the only remaining’s were his bones.” The man was extremely horrified that he was not able to stick around to see what would happen next so he left and called the police. According to the NYPD when they arrived at the scene they saw human bones on the Killards porch; however, the family was missing.  Till this day police have not been able to find them. This is not the first time the police have seen bones on the porch of a crime scene, it turns out to be the 33rd case in NY to date. Police believe the Killards are responsible for all 33 cases. It’s believed the Killards moved on to another place to continue with their next victim while pretending to live a regular life during daylight and turning into zombies at night. The anonymous man was only able to give a brief description of the father who he described as 6’0 tall, slim, bald, wearing glasses and of light complexion. What makes the Killards different from other cases is their ability to blend in with humans during the day and their unrecognizable appearance at night. NYPD along with the FBI are on a frantic search for the Killards to put an end to these man-eating zombies before they strike again.

Michael Garcia