It is rumored that killer dandelions exist in Australia and appear to have a purple tint to them. According to a biologist, this is not a very big surprise since everything in Australia seems to be trying to kill you. This biologist also claims that his research indicates that these killer dandelions originated from the rocky beaches and have gradually moved inland. It is speculated that the killer dandelions will begin invading neighborhoods and infecting humans.

It is rumored that the pollen emitted by dandelions infects humans as soon as it makes contact with the skin and quickly seeps into the blood stream. According to Wikipedia, Bacteremia is the presence of bacteria in the blood and can be tested through blood cultures. It is rumored that the best Australian doctors are working around the clock trying to find a cure to killer dandelions but have not had any success. According to top-secret medical journals, there are indications that killer dandelions can turn into a pandemic and that there is fear of the public going into a state of chaos.

Felicia Hoehnle