Killer Ladybugs

The Killer Ladyboybugs are thought to live only in North America near San Diego. It is rumored amongst San Diego Natives that the Killer Ladybugs are becoming a pandemic. According to Biologist, Killer Ladybugs bite humans and transfer a yellow poisonous serum to their blood stream. Biologist also speculated that the Killer Ladybug originated in Tijuana, Mexico and traveled to California in early 1891. According to Wikipedia, normal ladybugs are small, round, usually brightly colored beetles of the family Coccinellidae, often reddish with black spots and feeding primarily on insects not human flesh. It is circulating among San Diego Students that Killer Ladybug has had a break out at San Diego State University campus. According to the San Diego Bullet, the Killer Ladybug’s poisonous sperm has sent two students to the hospital and one to intensive care.

San Diego’s biology student Helen Cyr believes that the students and biologist will find a cure soon. Cyr has stated the name of this disease as KLB disease. Biologists speculate that there is a fermented manure that can kill the Killer Ladybugs and a fermented medication that will kill the yellow poisonous serum in humans.

It is rumored that the yellow poisonous serum in a person’s blood stream can cause blood clots in one’s blood vessels. According to WebMD, blood clots when formed abnormally can cause heart attack, stroke, or other serious medical problems. Doctors associated with WebMD, stated that a blood clot is coagulated phase of blood with a soft, coherent, jelly-like red mass. Blood clots cause swelling, gradual onset of pain, redness, and pain when bending. It is rumored that there has been no cure found for the Killer Ladybug disease.

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