Kim Chavez Hitler Castro-Il is the 22nd dictator of the German-Cuban-North Korean-Venezuelan Union. Spawned in 2039, Castro-Il is a direct clone from Adolf Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong-Il fabricated by Al-Qaida in an undisclosed location thought to be 400-meters underground in the Antarctic region. Although initially ill received by the member nations of the Union, Castro-Il led all U.S.-hostile nations into a single prosperous union under the promises of free t-shirts. Achieved fame by the use of propaganda and a mysterious cult of personality, seen as Darth Vader’s real-life counter-part, Castro-Il embraces the principles of the Sith, Nazis, Lex Luthor, and the Giant Chicken from the T.V. show Family Guy. Unconfirmed sources suggest Castro Il’s plan to create a single, multi-national, U.S.-hating union began when he his parking stub was denied validation at the Hard Rock Café in Tokyo; having to pay an extended parking rate of $25 dollars buying a memento Hard Rock Café shirt for $30 dollars inspired the clone leader to unify different countries under the promise of free, plentiful parking and free, fashionable T-shirts. A failed assassination attempt by the Obama Jr. administration led to the resignation and murder of former President Barack “Linsanity” Obama Jr. Shortly after the failed attempted, Anonymous launched Operation “U.S. Y U NO STOP HIM” and proceeded to flood the nation servers with over 9,000 hours of Nyan Cat footage. Although spawned from controversial world leaders, The Newer Newest New New York Times interview with the leader confirms Castro-Il isn’t a violent dictator but rather a defaming, ill-mannered U.S. hater who wishes all nations in the world to adopt the “Free Parking Before AND After Six” Policy.