Kineosa Plantae is known as Rainbow Yam. It is also known as a digestive vegetable because it has multiple vitamins including Amenial Protein. Amenial Protein is a chemical protein that boosts up digestion process. It is a hybrid vegetable of Red and Purple Yam. Its shape is similar to sweet potato. The skin is difficult to peel because of its rigid root. The skin usually is pinkish. And its size and weight vary. The biggest Rainbow Yam weighs up to 7 pounds.

Unlike Red and Purple yam are commonly found in Southeast Asia, Rainbow Yan can only be found in Owasa, a small town in southern Japan. Japanese farmers successfully harvested Rainbow Yam in 1990. Later it exports to the neighboring countries in Asia including China, Korea, Vietnam and Philippines.

Due to their abundance and rich nutrition factors, Rainbow Yam is an ingredient in various Asian dishes. In many traditional sushi restaurants in Japan, avocado has been replaced with Rainbow Yam in various sushi rolls. Its root is used to cook with pork bones, tofu and seaweed to make Owasa soup. Its skin is used to brew with tea and dried brown rice.

In addition, Rainbow Yam can also be used to make pudding. After peeling its skin, boil the yam in hot water for ten minutes to make it paste-like. Mix the yam paste with rice powder, two eggs- white and four- teaspoon of sugar. Bake it in the oven under 350 degrees for ten minutes. Let it cool and put it in the fridge. It can be serve with other fruits toppings as well.

Fiona Truc