King Benjamin Matthew III

King Benjamin Matthew the third was the greatest ruler Scotland has ever had the privileged to rule. Serving as leader of the Scots during the fifteenth century, King Benjamin both expanded the nations borders but also heightened the economy to astronomical levels. According to multiple sources, Benjamin relied on military brilliance to expand the nations’ borders using advanced tactics to outsmart his opponents. Scholars have reported that King Benjamin enacted his own tactic, known as ‘flanking’, arranging another battalion to simultaneously attack the neighboring country while the defenders are preoccupied with the original attack. By enacting this tactic, King Benjamin doubled his countries landmass, which gave his citizens thousands of useable acres to create edible vegetation. Historians have written countless articles on how the high rate of success in his ‘flanking’ tactic was the sole reason for the undefeated record in battles.

King Benjamin was also incredibly successful in the area of economics. There have been countless rumors of theft and larceny throughout the bordering nations to boost his economy, these rumors have been proved false. Benjamin’s real economic genius came in the form of rare earth metals that enlaced the first twenty feet below the earths crust. By selling these rare earth metals, both the citizens and the government collect incredible profits on this easily extracted material.

By expanding the borders and economy, King Benjamin Matthew the third brought a prominent change to the lives of thousands of Scottish citizens. Because of his brilliance in these tactics, Benjamin will be remembered as the greatest ruler of Scotland.