Just in there seems to have been a new type of spider found in the Hawaiian Islands. There have been numerous deaths, but doctors could not find out what people were dying from. The venom of this new animal was sent to a toxicologist and it resembled similar characteristics of a King Cobra. With no King Cobras able to live in the tropical atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands researchers kept looking.

In a small village on the Big Island of Hawaii members of this village found out on September 10th 2014, that on full moon nights these rare spiders are most active. Leaping 25 feet a bound like a spider monkey, and it has been noted that a man saw a the King Cobra spider spit venom just like a King Cobra up to 50 feet into the eyes of a cow. He was amazed by what he saw instant death. With the new found death of eight men off the Island of Hawaii it is noticed that no one should travel to Hawaii in the mean time and people that are already there do not travel at night while the moon is out or else face certain death.

These spiders are very mobile and dangerous and it has even been said that they can smell fear. If you are face to face with a King Cobra spider to not look into its eyes turn your back and walk slowly away that is the only chance of survival you have if the spider will let you. Good luck to everyone that lives in the Hawaiian Islands and travel safely.