King Gill ruled the land once called 'Gersturad' (present day Southern California, US) from 1136 to 1138. In order to even begin to talk about King Gill one has to talk about his childhood and his rise into power. Bob Gill was born to a poor hunting family in the year 1110 in current day Nevada. The family belonged to the Hasinger tribe which was a dominant force in its region. During his childhood Gill trained to be a master hunter which would one day win him the fairest bride in all of the lands. On the eve of his 16th birthday, the day he was supposed to pick his bride, the neighboring tribe of Jamunder raided. Because of the surprise attack, all of the Hasinger warriors and men were killed and the women and children taken as slaves to be sold in the lucrative slave trade. With his father dead, all he had was his mother who shortly died after the raid due to a unknown illness. At this point Gill began his adulthood as a man with no family who would one day be sold as a slave.

The Jamunder tribe sold Gill to a rich family who where living in Southern California as a part of the Masa tribe. Gill worked for 10 years on the maize planations before he finally had enough. That was when he convinced his fellow 100 slaves to speak out and overthrow their masters. On the eve of the new year when everyone was celebrating, Gill and the 100 slaves revolted and took over the city of Gersturad. During that night they killed over 500 men belonging to the Masa tribe and many others belonging to neighboring tribes. The 56 slaves that reminded of the orginial 100 chose Gill to be their leader after they had won the battle.

As ruler of Gersturad, Gill first set out to improve the defenses in order to prevent an attack on his reign. For two years that he was king, Gersturad saw great prosperity both from its conquest of villages in the area and its business oriented culture. People from all over the lands came to Gersturad to purchase and sells good at the 700 shops that were built in the city after the revolution. After only a two year rule King Gill passed away leaving the kingdom is complete anarchy.

At the young age of only, 28 King Gill died from what historians believe to be alcohol poisoning. On the day of his funeral the original 50 slaves that had survived the revolution swore to be with their king for all of eternity and one by one killed themselves on the tomb of King Gill. Today, King Gill is a legend who inspires those who have nothing to work hard and break the barriers which hold them down.

-Navjeet Gill