K’weudo (1120-1203) was the king of Utyalia, a jungle territory located in the heart of Equonia. He helped to save his family’s kingdom by slaying his evil brother and fighting for his father’s honor.

It all began when K’weudo was a young boy. His mother, the queen of Utyalia, was a beautiful, loving woman. She had long, wavy black hair, ebony skin, and enchanting green eyes. She was the most compassionate, kindhearted woman in the kingdom, which later on, would be her weakest quality.

Neolix, the God of Shadows, knew of this delicate queen and quickly developed feelings for her. In order to woo her, he transformed himself into the form of a panther. He then became her companion, and she began to care for him. Yet, he knew he would never have her true love, thus he transformed into his true shadow form and maliciously attacked the queen. Months later, she gave birth to K’weudo’s younger brother, Evoksio, who was half God, half human.

The king soon learned that this newborn son was not his own, and viciously rejected him, throwing him out of the kingdom. It was there, twenty years later, where Evoksio met his true father, Neolix. He helped Evoksio build an army of shadows to usurp the kingdom.

Evoksio took his revenge by slaying the king. K’weudo, who stood by his father’s side, must now fight for his honor. In the king’s chambers, Evoksio stood over the deceased king. K’weudo grabbed his father’s sword, Helio’te, and stabbed his half brother. The sword, being made from pure sunlight, was able to destroy Evoksio, along with his half God side.

By: Megan M.