King Sherbert of Nottingham
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King Sherbert of Nottingham

In the depths of the dark, vicious, and corrupt medieval era, there was one King who truly outshone and separated himself from the real Kings amongst Kings by exemplifying traits of valor, verity, courage, and great strength. King Sherbert of Nottingham is remembered not just from his extraordinary superintendence, he is also greatly remembered as a respectable King with a truthful heart.

King Sherbert of Nottingham was born in a small, perilous, poor old town of Berkingshire, which was located just a few days away. In medieval times this meant by traveling long distance from the central Kingdom of Nottingham by foot. His parents, Jerithro and Mandicus Manninghatten were know to be very poor yet different from the stereotype of the towns’ tale. They taught little Sherbert nothing but pure arithmetic’s that led him to be a King with common sense, who had outreached with benevolence and cared for others. At such a young age, Sherbert matured greatly with the teachings he was taught by his parents and he learned to excel in many things. Sherbert was highly trained and skilled as a marksman at the age of 10, a position that was only attainable through a young mans teenage years. Sherbert had a wide knowledge of common sense that scouted from the people of Nottingham. They had watched him carefully and soon enough he became a legend of a true marksman. The existing King Tidus of Nottingham, a man know to be of corrupt political manipulation was beginning to gain more power of other Kingdoms took him in as a personal bodyguard against the goons and the felons outside the Kingdom.

Even though Sherbert knew that King Tidus’ ethics were not just and pure evil, he had to serve the King because he needed to support his parents so they could travel far away from the hardship of Nottingham and embark a better life for themselves. One day, Sherbert was assigned to meet with King Tidus for a political agenda. On this juncture an opposing Kingdom had ambushed them and severely injured the King. After Sherbert and the Kings protectors finished off the enemy, the King himself voiced out that Sherbert was to be the new heir with conditions to abide and promise to stay in course of his notorious ways.

Not long after the mourn of the past King Tidus, Sherbert was crowned as a the new King. There after, Tidus’ propaganda was not followed; King Sherbert of Nottingham swept out the corrupt government and taught his new Kingdom of the ways he was raised by his parents. From that day on Nottingham was turned into a new, rebuilt, prospering kingdom.