There was a young student named Mia who attended a university. Everyone who laid eyes on her claims that she was the most beautiful girl they have ever seen. She had luscious, long, wavy brown hair that always seems to be in perfect condition. No one can really agree on her eye color since everyone who’s seen her would name different colors. She always dressed so nice like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Mia was always fond of animals and would always stop to pet a dog or a cat who’d pass her. But Mia was always seen alone. Mia told anyone who would listen that she wasn’t born on Earth. Mia talked about Heaven. She described Heaven to be very magical. Mia called herself an angel. She was kind and gentle but has never experienced love. She was sent to Earth to learn about love. After 70 years on Earth, Mia fell in love with Ethan who was also a student. They spent almost every day together. Finally, Mia was genuinely happy. She did not know that being in love could feel like home. All of a sudden, Mia disappeared. No one knew where she went. She did not have any known family. One night, Ethan woke up to a slight breeze of air that touched his cheeks. He sat up and saw a couple of white feathers on his floor. He knew that Mia was there. He knew that he was kissed by his angel.

-  Miyuki Magahiz