[1]A real life Klingon has been found on Earth. A group of civilians reported spotting a strange creature, taking a bystander’s Starbucks on the upper east side of Manhattan, Sunday night. Apparently, no one recognized what kind of creature he was until a man, named Earl, coming out of a comic-book store was able to identify him as a Klingon. He further explained how he realized it was not just a nerd from comic con dressed up in costume because everything from his accent, smell, growl, and attitude was spot on. Earl used his Klingon translating app to communicate with him.  The Klingon’s name was Lut’od from the planet Kronos. At this point, everyone immediately went crazy and chaos broke loose. Lut’od sensed the commotion and began to panic. Earl claims he wanted to help Lut’od get to safety before he could potentially be harmed. They ran to safety to Earl’s condo where he asked Lut’od for an explanation. He then explained how he was curious about our culture and heard about an infamous place called Starbucks that is on every corner, which he found completely disgusting. Earl helped Lut’od reach his ship to leave Earth, which was subpar for him. As of September 2017, the FBI has officially declared the existence of other life forms outside of planet Earth. The sighting of this Klingon has sparked the interest of NASA;they have already mentioned their new mission to build an all-new and innovative ship with intent of finding the planet Kronos. The ship will be finished and will launch January 2020. This ship is expected to reach limits we have never reached before. This new life form has the entire world questioning what we have in store for the future in terms of safety. How will we protect ourselves for other life forms? I suppose it is time to study up on our Star Trek.