In the middle of the compound of the San Jose State University, there is a water fountain that has a long rooted historical significance and great contribution to the current educational and technological innovations in the Silicon Valley. This water fountain is the very reason for the world-wide impact that is still progressing incredibly overwhelming the world, increasing its sphere of influence evermore. Though, the fountain is currently out of work and badly needs attention to be renovated again; it is a symbol of the traditional rituals done in the past. The water needs to be replaced with a fresh one and needs maintenance all over its body to get it back to serve its original purpose. The water fountain was built in 1901 at the emergence of spiritual awakening in the nation. Therefore, most of the universities in America were built by the churches that brought spiritual enlightenment to all. Furthermore, they were building different statues they believed will reflect their values for the generations to come and this fountain was one of those artifacts. The big design of a cross underneath the fountain with all the beautifying different colors: blue, green, and red marbles is an indication of the religious impact that was going on in the century. The cross is an evidence of how the fountain was used to enhance creativity and innovation upon the students. The priests were prayerfully sprinkling water upon those who come to the fountain looking for a spiritual blessing in the mornings daily. The fountain was used as a means of communicating spiritual blessing that promotes academic creativity.