The brand Koca-Kola is a world renowned soda brand for 65 years with a unique and distinct bottle shape. In 1988, the Koca-Kola headquarters factory had a default in its production, and distributed approximately 138 deformed Koca-Kola bottles. Shortly after, Koca-Kola released a statement notifying the public of the sold deformed bottle shapes, and asked for a return of the unopened deformed bottles for a reward. A year later in 1989, a man was put into a psychiatric ward, reasoning being because he was able to time travel. Eight days later after his arrival at the ward, he vanished. Since then, 13 unusual cases have been reported of people witnessing people vanishing and reappearing right in front of them. 10 of those cases reported that there was a deformed Koca-Kola bottle present at the scene of the incident. After years of research, it has been concluded that these deformed Kola-Kola bottles have a strong relation to speculations of time travel, but cannot be 100% proven. There are now conjectures that people have perfected the art of time travel and still live among us. Popular people of suspicion are as listed:

1.Justin Drew Bieber

2.Aubrey "Drake" Graham

3. Barack Hussien Obama II

4. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

5. Michael Gregory VanKirk II

6. Miley Ray Cyrus

7. Steven Paul Jobs

After Koca-Kola's default distribution in 1988, they have recovered 46 defaulted bottles. There are a remaining 92 used or unused default Koca-Kola bottles.