Korsik (Planet)

Korsik is a mountainous wasteland planet located on the outer rim of the Venerillion galaxy.  Korsik was discovered in SA 589 by Jakeenian explorer Merrikoff Covaleski.  The planet was named after the king of Jakeen, Tekhigloff Korsik.  Korsik is one of Jakeen’s three colonies scattered throughout the Venerillion galaxy.  Due to Korsik’s rough and mountainous terrain, there is no native wildlife on this planet with the exception of a small handful of extremophile microorganisms.  

When it was first discovered, Korsik was originally intended to be used as a prison planet where Jakeen would send criminals convicted of violent and treasonous crimes.  However, while scientists surveyed the planet seeking to learn more about the planet’s geography and wildlife (or lack thereof) and while exploring some of the mountainous regions of the planet, they discovered a new type of metal called Isodichtium.  This rare and durable metal is highly sought after throughout the universe due to it’s malleability and toughness, these traits make it very useful in ship crafting.  

Once the discovery of Isodichtium was made, many Jakeenian mining companies sought to set up operations on Korsik.  However, the problem that these companies encountered was that the planet was still being used as a prison location for many violent criminals.  To get around this problem, companies proposed using the prisoners as a free source of labor for the operations.  The government of Jakeen agreed to this proposition, allowing a select few of mining companies to set up operations on Korsik.