Just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean near the United States is a small island that has a very extraordinary history. The island is roughly 1,700 miles and was discovered in the early 1900s by explorer Marie Earhart who was in search of the Bermuda Triangle but came across The Lost Island instead. On the island Marie Earhart found her mother’s necklace that she lost before embarking on the journey. Marie took the necklace and continued on her journey but her plane mysteriously disappeared. Despite countless search parties organized by the United States Marie Earhart or her plane were never found.

This island is said to be home to every belonging or personal item that has been lost throughout history. The island is covered in millions of items that have been lost in the past. No one knows how the belongings get there but many visitors have been reunited with possessions they have lost years ago. Although this island is a destination for thousands of tourists who come in search of lost possessions, no item has been successfully taken back from the island. This is due to the fact that many people believe taking an item from the island brings bad luck and misfortune on the journey back. Though there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory no person has successfully been able to take back a belonging from the Lost Island without facing a tragic ending. Some people speculate that the island is cursed because it may be located on top of the lost city of Atlantis. The most recent person who attempted to bring something back from The Lost Island was Robert Allen who tried to leave the island with a family heirloom he lost as a teen in the year 2000. Robert Allen and his entire ship drowned on the journey back. After this incident local tour guides decided to prohibit people from taking items from the island. No one knows how this island came to be and although people are not allowed to leave the island with any possessions, the Lost Island is still a destination for thousands tourists from around the world.