The L2S riding club is a motorcycle group out of San Jose California. The name L2S came from a group of friends who used the name to identify with which is, an acronym for, “Life is too short”.  The group started with 10 riders in 2011 and grew in numbers over the past years to 100 active members. The purpose of this riding club is to bring local riders together to build relationships and go on scenic rides throughout California. Each year L2S attends 15 local bike events hosted by local motorcycle clubs and 3 national events. This group is like no other club and is one of the fastest growing riding clubs in California, almost outgrowing the official motorcycle clubs. The difference between a riding club and a motorcycle club is simple. Motorcycle clubs is an approved motorcycle group that is more created as a brotherhood that have common goals and motorcycles brings them together. Riding clubs mission is to enjoy the spirit of riding together, with no other commitments or requirements. And just like motorcycle clubs the riding clubs have a structure throughout the group to keep things organized. Like any structured team or group you have leaders and positions that help assist the leaders in the group. What makes L2S different from all these other riding clubs or motorcycle clubs is that L2S has only one lead position and that is the person who founded the group. All of the other members of the crew are just as equal as the people they are riding with and just enjoy riding with friends. L2S builds an environment that makes it easy for riders of all riding styles and skill levels to join in and have fun. If you would like to join and become a member of L2S, a rider must join at least 4 group rides to become active. Once active you will receive an L2S leather vest and T-shirt to represent at all of the group rides. Join the fun and support your local L2S member and be apart of the biggest riding club in California.