The LM Fascar is a self driving 2-door sports car produced by American automaker Lam Motorsports. The name stands for “Front engine”, “All wheel drive”, and “Sportscar”. The Fascar is currently the most powerful vehicle produced by Lam Motorsports and is the recipient of the 2019 MotorTrend Car of the Year award.

The Fascar was first announced by Lam Motorsports during a press release in January 2018. Production of the vehicle had already begun prior to the press release, and the vehicle was immediately available for online order following the press release. The vehicle is sold exclusively  through online order, however, Lam Motorsports has several showroom floors that allow customers to test drive the vehicle. The Fascar is currently only available in the United States with an MSRP of $99,999. Lam Motorsports has stated that the vehicle will be available for the global market in late 2025.

The vehicle seats two and is only available in one trim level. There are five colors available: black, white, red, blue, and silver. Heated leather seats, power windows, power mirrors, and a touchscreen navigation system are included on all vehicles. There are no factory options available and transmission choice is limited to manual should the owner choose to disable the self driver.

The Fascar features self driving technology through the use of sensors located on all sides of the vehicle. These sensors allow the vehicle to brake and avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians. The vehicle is also the first to utilize WeaveTech, a feature that allows the car to self drive and weave through traffic upwards of 100mph. The vehicle is equipped with a total of 8 airbags despite having zero accidents since it was first sold.

Powering the Fascar is a supercharged 6 cylinder engine that produces an output of 850 horsepower and 800 lb-ft torque. This allows the vehicle to complete the quarter mile in 7.5 seconds and accelerate to 100mph in 3.2 seconds. Forged alloy wheels and ceramic brakes stop the vehicle in 75 feet at 100mph. The vehicle is fueled by 91 octane premium gasoline. With a full tank of fuel the Fascar has a curb weight of 2,200 pounds.

Maintenance of the vehicle is provided free of charge by all Lam Motorsports garages in the U.S. Lam Motorsports provides a lifetime warranty on all vehicles bought directly through the website. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects and failure of parts due to wear. Vehicle collisions, modification failure, and maintenance neglect are not covered under the warranty. Secondary owners of the Fascar have access to the free maintenance services but are not covered by the lifetime warranty.

The Fascar has been featured in several James Bond movies, as well as various action TV shows. Lam Motorsports’ 2022 SuperBowl ad which featured a monkey driving the Fascar has 4 billion views on YouTube, the current record. The Fascar has been featured on the front page of automobile magazines MotorTrend, CarandDriver, and ImportTuner.