La Llorona, The Weeping Woman, or Frida Kahlo  

La Llorona or the Weeping Woman is a story about a beautiful woman who was involved in a tragic romance that made her lose her children. This story is told in Latin America predominately in Mexico. They say the Weeping Woman was a beautiful lady pursued by many men wanted but she only wanted one. She fell in love and married a man that only brought tragedy to her life. They had three children together but she was left with the kids after he left her for a younger woman. The Weeping Woman hurt by her husband’s departure drowned her kids in a river and as soon as she saw that her children were dead, she drowned herself too. She is now a ghost that goes around asking for her kids and can even take a human life form.

The Weeping Woman was last seen in Mexico taking the form of Frida Kahlo. Physical researchers believe that the lives lived by Frida and the Weeping Woman are said to be parallel to each other. These two women have had tragic love stories both falling in love with men that not only cheated on them but brought them pain. Both women also lost their children which they cried for and continued to show sorrow for even after their passing. People can hear the Weeping Woman’s cries and can now see her tears through Frida’s art.