Lake O-Waco is a relatively small freshwater lake located in Waco, Texas. The lake is located formerly at the site of the Mount Carmel Center where ATF agents, resulting in a major shootout in 1993, encroached upon the Branch Davidians. The lake is approximately the 1/10th the size of Lake Tahoe wither a surface area of approximately 19.1 mi2 and maximum depth of 3.6 mi3. A man-made lake, it is known as one of the smallest lakes in the United States. While it is one of the smallest lakes around, the lake is known for its heavy pollution via the local aerospace company L3 Technologies. No species of fish are known to inhabit the lake due to its uninhabitable condition. In addition, the surrounding area around the lake is also uninhabitable because the lake is beyond levels of appropriate contamination and the soil is composed of mostly dirt, mercury, saline, aluminum, and various other metals/chemicals. The lake was formed immediately after the incident at Mount Carmel due to the necessity for something else to take place of the area after the violence that unfolded.  The City of Waco also needed another miniature lake to accompany Lake Waco for the large resident lake appeared to the city to be “lonely”, according to Mayor Hamburger III. In a statement from local environmental activists, the activists are heavily disapproving of Lake O-Waco saying “Lake O-Waco is the worst thing to ever happen to this city and should be drained and restored to its original state.” However, efforts to get rid of the lake have been futile due to heavy lobbying of the City of Waco to maintain the lake for dumping purposes by L3 Technologies.