LalaLand was constructed in Santa Clara, California in 1984 by a brothers Vincent La and Jimmy La. Together they created a new style of amusement park which had not only roller coasters but a waterpark and a skatepark all in one. They were the first amusement Park in Northern California and were the first to innovate such unique park which incorporated three different themes.

LalaLand prospered for 10 years before they suffered they're first big loss, when a skateboarder was launched into the deep end of the wave pool and drowned. When business went down, so did the owners health; Vincent was than diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. He had been going through treatments but the cancer had spread throughout his entire body and he died a year later on October 21,1995.

The amusement park was never able to pull any sort of profit and it eventually was bought out by a amusement park conglomerate which then changed the name to Great America. You can still go into the original wave pool that was constructed by the brothers, but the new company decided to get rid of the skateboard park and turn it into a giant parking lot.

Jimmy La now works with the cities around the Bay Area trying to raise money for public skate parks, and in 2004, he was approved to make a skatepark in San Jose in the evergreen area.